Bret Boards

Bret Boards


"I reside at sunset beach on the north shore of Oahu . I enjoy shaping and designing all types of surfboards for professionals and everyday surfers. My favorite paint to use by montana colors is montana 94. The color selection and quality is impeccable plus the paint dries so fast it's perfect art on surfboard. I really like the low pressure spray cans and caps you can interchange them - it has the feel of a real spray gun that is used regularly in surfboard airbrushes." 


Since the day Bret started surfing, his passion fired his commitment to the sport and he dedicated his life to surfing.



Bret resides on the world famous North Shore of Oahu. His world travels and his position as a local shaper on the North Shore of Oahu has opened opportunities for Bret to shape surfboards for some of the best surfers in the world.




Bret has always strived to be progressive and innovative in his surfboard designs. After 25 years of surfboard designing and shaping Bret always leaves a open mind to new designs and cutting edge technology.



Bret has been shaping boards for over a quarter of a century and still has his core stoke: “I still feel super stoked when someone has a smile on their face because they enjoyed riding a wave on one of my boards in the water.”



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