Koibito by Fin DAC in Sydney

"Koibito" Hidden Sydney rooftop painted by muralist Fin DAC

Fin Dac: latest instalment is a mural entitled ‘Koibito’: a noble but serene-looking geisha painted on the floor of a car park nestled in lush vegetation on a back street in Sydney, Australia but which in reality looks like it could be anywhere from Indonesia to the Far East.



“The view from that drone dictated what I painted. For me, the way those palm trees overhung the space made the area look like a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha” he tells us. To get an idea of the scale just check the photo below where you can see Fin DAC putting the finishing touches to the geisha’s sleeve


For intrepid explorers the mural can be found in Seaforth, NSW. Check the video for more clues as to it’s location and happy hunting!!
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