Dengar The Great Music Video

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"Dengar The Great"
Scotty B feat. Dengar & DJ KWorks

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Oh snap! We love getting to work every day and checking out what is new in our hip hop culture. Overnight we received a gem. A music video featuring our Montana Colors spray paint. 


Hot off the press, it is our pleasure to share with you one of the dopest hip hop tracks of the year. Scotty B has dropped a bomb, with some fast paced beats that really gets your adrenaline pumping. Just what we needed this morning, to get us gee'd up here at the MTN HQ Down Under. 


Dengar the Great aka Def Wish from the infamous Def Wish Cast does what he does best, ripping the mic in half. He has done this for years and shows that he's at the top of the MC game. DJ KWorks brings it home with some crazy cutting and scratching. 
In the video and down below you can also spot a swazey-flavoured piece by the homie Swaze - burning it up with  MTN 94 and  Hardcores rocking our  MTN Australia Tee


Some dope BBoying  brings the flavour home and we know this video will have you banging your head in no time. And trust us, listening to it once is just not gonna happen. You will put this one on repeat.

Check it out, peeps.





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