Wanderers Football Tifo made with MTN 94

Tifo’s by Western Sydney Wanderers Football fans.

Switch the television onto the Hyundai A-League of a weekend and you know you can always enjoy some fabulous and entertaining football. But look closely at the one-eyed fanatics behind the goals, both before and after the game and there is a whole lot going on. But be careful, blink and you just may miss it. Amazingly big and colourful banners called 'tifos' are there for all to see.


“Tifo is the Italian word for phenomenon of supporting a team. It is mostly used as a name for any choreography displayed by fans in the stands of an arena or stadium in connection with a sport event, mostly as a part of an association football match”

We heard a rumour that our beloved MTN 94s were being used to create these, so we delved a little deeper to find out what exactly was going on in this world of football Down Under. Who creates them? And why?



We see these types of works around the globe but here at the home of The Sydney club; the Western Sydney Wanderers have a massive and passionate supporter base called the Red and Black Bloc (The RBB). As champions of Asia they well and truly have the bragging writes but as mentioned before, it is their Tifos that have really caught our attention. Massive 30m x 5m banners, they are essentially a big mobile wall, which is brought to every home game. 



They are made to endorse the club, while calling out and challenging their competitors. It is important to note though, that the actual club in no way, shape or form contributes to these tifos. They are just made by a bunch of passionate, hardcore supporters with nothing but pride and some 94s in hand. As writers we can all agree that our tools of the trade do not come cheap, so to see these guys consistently pumping out these massive works is a joy to see.


Follow the RBB on Instagram: @official_rbb 

For more videos: Red & Black Bloc

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