via MTN-WORLD Trying to do an interview less serious than usual, we have interviewed Mach, a train writer from Sidney with smart style, but swine attitude… You had been traveling around Europe… Can  you tell us the main differences between european trainwriting and australian one? For Australians Europe is like some crazy train painting heaven, there are so many different trains and systems so close together. You can be smoking joints and painting in Amsterdam in the morning and be eating crepes and painting in Paris by the evening, it’s crazy! I think that’s why Aussies who make the long flight over there keep coming back or sometimes never return. In Australia we have 5 S-train systems, they are spread out all over the country and half of them are very difficult to paint, so people don’t travel as much as euros. In terms of style i think all local areas around the world have there own styles and traditions and Australia is no different. Sydney for example is known for a lot of public style lettering and a heavy New York influence. Ok. Let’s stop doing a worried interview… Worst chase? Me and a group of mates painted a special private line in the Australian bush. It all went well and we waited for the sun to come to get nice photos and begin the 30 minutes hike back to the car. When we arrived at the car and security was there waiting for us… not good. We jumped in the car and began a 2 hour high speed police chase through icey mountain roads. Our driver channeled the spirit of Peter Brock (australian car racing legend) and we thought we had got away safe. But some new police joined the chase and with fuel low and nothing but a single country road for the foreseeable future we pulled over and gave up. I had never been busted before so i guess that was a exciting way to pop my cherry. Funniest moment painting? Very hard question there is always a lot of funny shit happens when u paint, but most time it’s a bit of a “u kinda had to be there” moment. When i was traveling with my homie Pyfe from France we spent one week living in one of the carriages in the main yard of a certain french city. Each night we would pack panel sacks and sneak past security to the other end of the yard and make panels, then return to our carriage, or as Pyfe called it “my paradise”. In the morning we would walk straight through the yard and hanger to the main station with all the french workers yelling stuff at us in french. When i asked Pyfe if this is a problem he would always reply in his thick french accent “it’s no problem the worker are my family” haha he’s a crazy boy. Most disgusting moment in your life? I fucked some chick in thailand and she had been dancing in 30 degree heat all night, all i could smell the whole time was here sweaty asscrack wafting in my face :/ Worst thing a girl told you ever? “No” i get it a lot. Favorite writer? To many to choose one. Some guys i love for their style some guys because they are the coolest humans. Australia: Okies, Sofles, Reals, Kures, Eikas, Scram, Kerupt, Break. International: All of WCA Killers, Pubes, Whel, Risk, Rioga, Vino, the Grib, Wyse, Askew. Under rated writer? There are some young guys in Sydney who are so far ahead of where i was at their age. Rosie, Jaezo, Amoe, Verge, Retro. Favorite model? (Train and Woman) I here black french chicks go alright but i have not taken one for a spin yet haha. Europe has to many great train models, but i have to say my Aussie favorites are Brisbane EMU, Sydney’s Tangara and Melbournes Hitachi. I’ve had a lot of memorable moments with all of them. Rejected model? Freight trains! I painted one in the states. Theres so many rusty poles and bars and shit on them its like a painting obstacle course. Best european city and why. Barcelona for the party Berlin for the racks Paris for the scenery  and Milan for the painting Meat and drink? I like 100% aussie beef and a ice cold VeeBoi. Three wishes? A billion dollars. I wish i could teleport and had Xray vision for obvious reasons. If you would do a film… plot would be like…? It would be a porno called “Return of the Mach”, 1 guy and 10 chicks. I would be the guy, giggity! Would u like any shout outs? Big props to all my homeboys from Australia and around the world. All my Kgb Brothers, Eikas, Expel, Erus, Dts Brissy, Wtcs/Tbk, Irok, Heuda, Treos, Iros the boss, Pyfe, Rioga, Siko, Lyra, Rude, Snou, Sport, Grib, Tiws, Whel, Risk and Chill chick. Hope i havent forgotten anyone!

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