Via Mtn-world. And yet another year, Resoner (Toulouse, France) returns to reunite with some of this foreign friends from all over Europe, in this event which officially welcomes in the summer. An adventure from Friday to Monday at which Inti (from Chile but currently living in France), Ogre, Dibo, Pariz, Tilt, Opium, Mist, Gomer, Sarin, and the host, Resoner, amongst many more *, gave color to the interior and exterior of this factory in Toulouse. Thanks to Resoner and all of the writers and artists who participated, for giving us this visual gift! Video by Benjamin Laporte. * Does, Der, Katre, Demon, Brok, Sheuda, Zeus, Snake, Moun, Tonce, Lenz, Rekor, Ekors, Teoz, Reks, Ja, Depon, Shefi, Ocre, Seth, Azek, Den Cade, Mate, Chiquita, Danjer, Le Desert, Nes, Sack, Geb, 100Taur, Veks, Dely, Sherio, Metro, Sike, Trist, Tras, Seize, Rockse, Rpes, Xerou, Mezy, Spot, Kaize.

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