Interview with Ogre

Mtn Australia proudly presents an interview with Ogre and a video he did with Mtn Tempera paints. Directed, shot and edited By Julien VImeux.   Mtn Aus: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us writers down under. First of all, can you tell us the names of the crews you represent? Ogre: Thanks for having me on here. I have been in many crews but right now let's say i am in EUROVISION (together with DIBO ex Pornostars and my friend YOGA from Lyon). I also represent infamous french crew "LE CERCLE FERME" together with Reso and many others ... QMJ is one crew from Sevilla i also represent proudly but the only writers are LOGAN and me. M: Where are you from originally?  O: I was born in Le Mans, not so far from Paris.   M: Where do you live now? O:Lyon, where I started graffiti. M: What year did you start writing? O: I think it was around 95.   M: Who were your early influences? O: Guys from my hometown, Zeda, Brusk, the guys were a bit older than me. Then later on, BOE from the VIAGRAFIK has been a huge influence. This was around 2000. Then I met Dems (ex Pornostars) and when i became member of the crew, it opened me a new vision of style and I evolved pretty much. M: What sort of music do you listen to? What's banging in your truck right now? O: I wish i had a truck! I listen to electro music and sometimes still a bit of hip-hop. Right now in my phone i listen to two Danish bands. "When the saints go machine" and "Turboweekend". I've been 5 days in Denmark and got the funny experience to meet the bass player from Turboweekend and I think they rock! Nicolas Jaar, an electro musician from France, young and very talented. In Lyon we have also some good guys like Spitzer twins, did a great remix from the Clash. For hip-hop I mainly listen to the guys from Oddfuture and my idol (ahaha) is E-40... Nasty beats and loads of fun, not too serious! M: Travelled much? O: I spend loads of time in planes, I travel to jams every year. It's been like this since 2002 I think. That's the best part from graffiti, you can travel everywhere and meet nice people, share some good times in front of a wall, a drink or a party! This year I have been to Spain 3 times (including Barcelona), 3 times to Berlin, 2 to Italy (Turin and Milano), Holland for Step In The Arena, England to see my buddy Aroe, and last but not least as I mentioned before Denmark to chill with Soten and Bomr. Got the chance there to meet Fusk from the MOAS, loads of fun with them! In 3 weeks I’ll go to Rome for a jam organised by my man Brus. Can't wait! M: Where has been your favourite spot to paint? O: Brighton! This town is good and the HA friends are great hosts!   M: Least favourite spot to paint? O: Heat. M: What do you do for a day job? O:I work as a journalist for French graffiti magazines and as an executive assistant for companies.   M: What is your favourite paint? O:Montana colors of course. Family thing... M: Favourite cap/s? O: 94 ones and Astros!   M: You have a blog with MTN....tell us about it, like how it came about? O: In fact, I worked in 2004 for Montana colors and started a blog for them already called "Mtn-World". I didn’t go ahead with it in 2005 for personal reasons. So when Antonio came back with the idea, i said i would like to have one of the personal blogs. Montana colors always helped me in my graffiti "career", i wouldn't be there without them. So I always try to give them a feedback. Those last 4 months I stopped a bit because i needed a global break from graffiti. But you can expect great things soon from me! M: Exhibitions/projects...done, doing or working on any? O: My project is to evolve in my style right now, and also to feed my mtn blog again! I am not so much into exhibitions but will start to focus on canvases too yes. Some friends tell me that I should now... getting old I guess ahaha. Next year, I’ll travel as usual. M: If you weren't a writer... what would you be doing today? O: Digging my grave. M: Any shouts?  This interview is dedicated to my Aussie connection : Vans the Omega, Jase Catherine, Matt Harding, Bonny Gravy and last but not least Lush! Links:  

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