WILD BOYS Interview

Here is our latest interview with a European crew that always brings it fresh. Read on to see what's going down in the city of Naples, as we bring to you The Wild Boys.   MTN-AU: How and when did you guys start the crew? Who are the current crew members? Where are you from and where are you staying now? Tell us about yourselves. WB: Our crew is formed in 2009, it all started by chance, many of the current members of Wild Boys have been for a long time in another crew which was then dissolved in 2007, for about 1 year we continued to draw together without having a name, then one day while we were on the way back home from a jam we decided to form our own crew and while we were talking on the radio was playing one of our favorite songs "Wild boys” by Duran Duran, we said that the fate has decided for us. Now we are 5; Zeus, Opium, Reso, Rota and Pencil, 4 of us are from Naples in southern Italy and Reso is from Toulouse (France), before being writers we are good friends and I think this is our biggest strength. M: How long have you all been painting? WB: Let's start with the oldest: Reso began to paint in 93 ', Opium in  94/95', Pencil in 99'and Zeus and Rota in 2000. M: You guys have a distinct style you are known for, banging colour schemes, solid letters, great flows, funky characters, over sprayed fills and skinny outlines. Tell us how you developed this style, what influenced it and how it came about? WB: Things developed in a very natural way, our path and our growth as writers began when we started travelling. We had already developed our own style a long time ago but with the graffiti events we were able to meet many people who have changed our vision about the graffiti and above all have changed the way we make them ... before we were in search of technical perfection as we wanted the piece was printed on the wall and that there were many effects in to the style. With time, we understood that the evolution of graffiti for us is not in the technical development but is the study of lettering. If you look closely you'll see that our current graffiti has been a strong return to the past because we realized that we were too far from the roots, now when we paint we enjoy it more, everything is more spontaneous and instinctive and we try to mix the old and the new together, both with regard to the style but also for what concerns the realization of our pieces. M: What do you think makes a good piece/production? WB: As regards the pieces the choice is very easy, for us if you do some beautiful letters accordingly you do a beautiful style, no matter how many colors you mix together or how many different lighting effects you can do, the most important thing is the style of your lettering.  In regard to the walls it’s totally different, you need a good feeling with the members of the crew and believe me, it is a quite rare, as many people think only of their pieces without interest of the background and the general concept of the wall ,for us is automatic ,when we paint together, we try to pull out a good production giving the same importance to the pieces, to the puppet and to the background. M: Do you have any favorite pieces/productions that you have painted? Show us and tell us about it. WB: Normally after a few days we hate our pieces…our favorite one it’s the next one.   M: Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling? WB: We all love sketching, some are even addicted on drawing letters like Opium Reso and I (Zeus). For example, I always carry a small sketchbook with me and usually I draw while I am waiting for the subway, on the bus or while I am drinking a coffee, I try to sketch in my free time during the day. Despite many of us do continually sketches they prefer paint in freestyle.   M: What motivates you to paint and be creative? WB: I think the thing that motivates us more is the desire to compete, first of all with ourselves, in the second place with the members of the crew, and finally with the other writers. But our competition is positive and constructive, we all know our limits and we need to meet good writers and be “defeated “ by them, this allows us to understand our weaknesses and encourages us to do even better. Basically we are very humble and we do not believe to be great artists, our journey has just begun and this is a great motivation too. M: Do you prefer quality or quantity? WB: It will seem trivial but we prefer both, people are impressed by the quantity and quality of our work, they think we paint all days or we have a sponsor, in reality we have learned to be fast, this allows us to do more pieces in one day, for example recently we’ve done three walls at once ... this is our secret.   M: We’ve noticed that the trains in Italy get smashed, a lot of full colour burner panels can be seen floating on the internet, what’s the scene like in your hometown? WB: I think in general in Italy there are many lines that are easy to draw compared with countries such as France, Germany, England, etc.. Many panels are made in yards where you can stay even one hour, there are many train bombers who risk for painting lines very difficult but for sure you won’t see many of their panels on the web ... all our respect goes to them. In my city, the situation is like that of many other cities, there are trains easy to paint and trains hard to paint and there are true and fake bombers...   M: Have you travelled internationally a lot? Which is your favorite place you have painted? WB: Yes, we traveled a lot in the last year, no matter the place where we draw the most important thing is the people we paint with, if you are with good friends even the cellar of an old house can become the most incredible place in the world.   M: Which current writers impress you? WB: There are too many… Sawe, Sonick, Most, Ces, Yes, Banos, Abiss, Nomad, Kid Kash,Rosy One, Dizer, Bates, Sweetuno, Druid, Form, Swet, Dmote and many more… M: Have you ever been to Australia? What have you heard of the graffiti scene here down under? WB: No, we have never been in Australia and unfortunately we do not know much of your hip hop scene, so I can’t tell you a lot, but it would be really nice paint overseas and meet crews like TMD, GBACK, F1 and many others.   M: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Australia? WB: Kangaroos :) M: Do you like Montana Colors products? Do you prefer Hardcore or 94? WB: Yes, we like Montana products, we love both spray, the 94 for the low pressure and the quality of the line and the hardcore for the excellent coverage and color brilliance.   M: Tell us about the projects your currently working on. Any up coming projects? WB: With several friends, and with the partnership of MTN 94 we organized a big event here in Naples on September 23 called "Back to the Style" with many international guest stars and we would like to organize others during the 2012/13. We expect to know the date and place of the final w4g, we have a big jam the "Juice Festival" in Toulouse in early November and some other events all around Italy ... not much also because of the imminent arrival of winter and the rain.   M: What are we expecting to see from you in the near future? WB: Hahaha, for sure a lot of graffiti!   M: Any last shouts? WB: I want to say hello to all our friends around Europe, hoping to meet them soon to draw all together again. Follow us on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zeus40/ http://wildboyscrew.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/WILD-BOYS/191957020883777    

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