Once again The Carriageworks in Redfern, hosted Sydney's Platform Festival, where B-Boys come from far and wide to strut their stuff and the usual mix of local writers show up to watch some nice walls get rocked. Five years strong Platform has become Sydney's premier Hip Hop Festival. Dj Wizdm laid down some sweet sounding tunes that had every body groovin' while SARE rocked the Feature wall and PHIBS, PEQUE, HEKUPS, SKAE, REAK, DESTA, SYKOH & PUBS jammed in the comp, which MTN was glad to be a part of. PUBS SYKOH DESTA REAK SKAE HEKUPS PEQUE Props to PHIBS, PEQUE & DESTA who took out the battle. All in all, it was another positive day for Hip Hop and we'd like to thank B-boy RELY, CHEZ & MISTERY for all their efforts in putting this event together and by doing so keeping our culture alive and strong down under. Can't wait for number 6!  

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