MTN Australia brings you another interview, this time with JASY IBS from Sydney Australia, who has been painting since 1985. Mtn-Aus: Tell us how long you’ve been in the game for now. Just for the record. Jasy: Been painting for 27years since 1985.   M: How did you pick up the name Jasy? Is there a meaning behind it? J: Got my name because I was caught tagging Freak so had to change so I shortened my name from Jason to Jasy.   M: What crews are you down with? J: IBS and NASA LA. M: Tell us how you developed your style, what influenced it or how it came about? J: My style is easy just simple lettering. My style is so people can look at it and know it’s me.   M: What do you think makes a good piece/production? J: A good production or piece comes together when you’re having a good time and not stressing out.   M: Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling? J: Love to sketch it’s important to keep your outlines and pieces evolving. M: What motivates you to paint and be creative? J: All the new paints, your pieces are always changing.   M: Quality or quantity? J: Both I think. Quality is good to see the time and effort that goes into a piece. Quantity is seeing all the panels run and lines bombed with throw ups and tags.   M: Do you think the graffiti scene has changed much since back then? What are your thoughts on the scene in Sydney today? J: The scene has changed so much for the good and bad. Today’s writer is more what they can get out of someone and the fame. M: Have you travelled a lot? Which is your favorite place you have painted? J: I have travelled a lot, not just to paint though. My favorite places to paint at would be Hawaii and LA.   M: Which current writers impress you? J: In OZ there are too many there are a lot of great writers here. Overseas CMP SWET PRIME KATCH RICHONE TYKE MEAR KRUSH JUST and CRAZ but there are so many more.   M: What do you think about Montana Colors products? Do you prefer Hardcore or 94? J: I’m a 94s man - love that paint. M: Tell us about the projects you’re currently working on. Any up-coming projects? J: Have always got something happening.   M: What are we expecting to see from you in the near future? J: Just a lot more pieces. M: Alright, let’s do some less serious questions: If you weren’t doing graffiti, what would you be doing now? J: I don’t know I’ve been doing this for awhile now. I was playing rugby league for awhile played 2 under 21’s games for Penrith and just didn’t go to training so who knows. Got graded at Balmain when I was 18 but broke my foot and didn’t go back either.   M: Favourite food? J: Sushi   M: Favourite music? J: Heavy Metal or Rock.   M: Favourite kicks? J: My Quiksilver thongs.     M: Favourite contries and why? J: Italy - just traveling around that country was unbelievable.   M: Any last shouts? J: Hope all my mates here and overseas are still having fun.

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