Recently, We received some fresh photos from Fletch and some of his new stencil works. Fletch is a very talented Adelaide-based stencil artist, with his work covering various subjects from animals to the human form and it's expressions. His work contains a lot of details and layers, with all stencils being painstakingly hand cut to precision. Fletch was recently an Australian Stencil Art Prize Finalist with his entry 'Bad to the Bone'. A beautiful piece of work, created with 13 hand cut stencils on a 30cm x 60cm canvas, all sprayed with MTN 94 and Alien. His use of space and well thought out choice of colours, make his work look very interesting and engaging and we are sure we'll be hearing more from this guy in the near future. In the mean time, check our some of this works below and enjoy! [gallery ids="1757,1758,1760,1761,1762"] More info: http://www.facebook.com/FLEtCHStENCILARt

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