MTN AUS: Hey what’s up Sen2? Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us how long you’ve been in the game for now. I started graffiti back in 1986. How did you pick up the name Sen2? Is there a meaning behind it?  The name originated when two other graffiti artist "REK & SKE" said that I would have two kids. from there SEN2 was born. What crews are you down with now? 4-BURNERS & MTA Tell us how you developed your style, what influenced it or how it came about? In the beginning I saw graffiti from L.A., there I saw artist's like SLICK & HEX, later in the mid 80's I began traveling to N.Y.C. where I started seeing many different styles & coming up with my own flow & style.   What do you think makes a good piece/production?  First of all, style, cleanliness, sharp lines & last but not least color. Always try to be different from all others. Innovate don't imitate.   Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling? Sketching is very important; that keeps you creating new styles & not staying stuck with one particular piece.   What motivates you to paint and be creative? My public, the people who follow me & respect me.   Quality or quantity? Quality!!!  As long as you do every piece with heart & dedication.   What’s popping in New York at the moment? Who’s hot and who’s not? The 4-BURNERS are hot right now. As far as who's not, I can't say, I don't like talking about anybody.   Do you think the graffiti scene has changed much since back then? What are your thoughts on the scene around the globe? Yes it has. Back then it was more about styles & flows. Now a days we have more color & it's a totally different flavor.  I like what's happening right now. Europe keeps representing graffiti & I would even say more than N.Y. itself.  Have you travelled a lot? Which is your favorite place you have painted? Yes. Spain. All the different places I've been to, but Spain I socialized more with the people.   What do you think about Montana Colors products? Do you prefer Hardcore or 94? Both have different characteristics: HARDCORE is good for metal, for instance "trains". 94 is the best for murals & canvases.   Have you ever been to Australia? What have you heard of the graffiti scene here down under? No I've been invited 7 times but the thought of traveling for 20 hours kills me.   Please tell us about your clothing lines. What made you get into that field, what inspires your designs? And what are you aiming to achieve with your label. First I used to do designs for TRIBAL & WILD STYLE TECHNICIANS.  I like fashion so I decided to do my own line. I like seeing people with my shirts on. I want to take it to another level, like ECKO another original graffiti artist like myself. Tell us about the projects your currently working on. Any up coming projects/exhibitions/productions? My project right now is focusing more on galleries. Do new designs for my clothing line & do bigger murals to the point where I could say I can't anymore.   What are we expecting to see from you in the near future? Trying to get my clothing line recognized all over the world & exhibiting my art in the best galleries.   Alright, let’s do some less serious questions:  If your weren’t doing graffiti, what would you be doing now? Nothing. Graffiti is all that I know how to do. Or maybe stuck in 4 walls thinking of what can I do.  Favourite food? Rice & beans with pork chops.  Favourite music? Salsa, Reggeaton, Flamenco & Hip-Hop  Favourite kicks? Nike & Adidas  Favourite contries to paint and why? Freight trains & where ever the environment is peaceful.   Any last shouts? Yes! Shot Out to all my peeps in Australia & world wide. Graffiti 4 Ever! Peace. SENTWO BOOGIE DOWN BRONX.  

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