Some of you out there may know him as Chali 2na, "the verbal Herman Munster" from the dope Hip Hop crew Jurassic 5, or perhaps you may have heard his unmistakeable, deep baritone voice with Ozomatli.....  But on the graff streets, where it counts, we know him as  2NA (or perhaps even Chicago, if ya didn't know that one!), with the passion he has always held for this Hip Hop culture of ours, especially the graffiti culture, helping form who he is today. Today, as the busy MC, touring Australia and the rest of this little globe of ours, it is not everyday that he gets to go out, let off some steam and just paint. Such a busy schedule leaves him with little or no time, to spend hours upon hours at a wall. So, when Montana Colors got the phone call that the 2NA fish wanted to jam and only wanted to use those sweet smelling MTN 94s, which he loves so much, we were only too happy to oblige. We were in fact, very very honoured! We knew he had the skills on the mic, but what we didn't know was, if he actually had the skills, the can control, to really rock the spot at Australia's most famous beach - BONDI.   Showing everyone he is such a cool, relaxed, down to earth person, with a great sense of humour,  CHALI 2NA also showed that he is no fish out of water, when it comes to getting his boogie on with a spray can. He easily slipped right back into his element. Letting fly with some ultra fresh fish characters, with what seemed like minimal effort, for all passer-by to see.  Check it out peoples....MTN x CHALI 2NA of Jurassic 5!! 

(Click the image to view in large size.) And check out this video from Chali 2na's Pledge Music channel. Big shout out to DAYS ONE. Panoramic shot by Chris Frape.  

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