We are happy to announce the arrival of a series of LIMITED EDITION collectable T-shirts, direct from SEEN UA- The Godfather of Graffiti. Here at MTN AUSTRALIA- the Aussie home of MTN MONTANA COLORS spray paint, we always strive to bring you the latest and freshest gear.
Richard Mirando a.k.a The Godfather of Graffiti created a line of clothing directly inspired by his life story and from his paintings who builded his legend : (Hand of Doom, Hicki & Ski, Hollywood sign, Children of the graves, Madseen...) Since his famous ‘‘Throw up’’ until his ‘‘Wholecars’’, (fully customised wagons), which had made history for the subway system of New York and the New Yorkers. this limited edition offers reals artworks graffiti. This edition will bring the fans of the Godfather of graffiti back to the memories of the metro of New York as it was in the 80’s & the 90’s ! Kids will also proudly wear the SEEN ‘’Throw up’’ which continue to inspire, the graffiti artists all over the world over 35 years already ! A funny way to initiate youngs guys to ‘‘Street art’’ !
SEEN was a pioneer in the application of Graffiti in fashion. He began by painting graffiti inspired designs on clothing. His success inspired a number of followers and soon a trend had emerged in NYC. Since1982, He has always created T-shirs thinking that his name should have been everywhere in the subway as well as on casual clothing. Please, be aware that all the T-shirts are produced in a very limited edition. Available at and in the best concept stores all around the world and for sure, where ever you live ! Go get yours now! Limited numbers only! [gallery ids="2081,2082,2083,2084,2085,2089,2088,2087,2086"]

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