MTN-WORLD has held an interesting next-level style exchange program called The Style Roulette. In the first round, the participants are BRK192 (Madrid), ISER (Barcelona), MUSA (Barcelona), PANT (Valencia), SAWE (Barcelona) and SPOK (Madrid). The Style Roulette has its participants write other players names using one of the other writers style. Check out the pictures below for the result of this exchange programme. For more info, please visit: They Style Roulette The Style Roulette MUSA wrote BRK in the style of ISER. The Style Roulette PANT wrote SAWE in the style of BRK. The Style Roulette SPOK wrote ISER in the style of SAWE. The Style Roulette ISER wrote MUSA in the style of SPOK. The Style Roulette BRK wrote PANT in the style of MUSA. The Style Roulette SAWE wrote SOPK in the style of PANT.    

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