Yo Xeme! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, homie. You’ve been pretty busy, making sure the scene is alive and well, all throughout Asia. Your time is very much appreciated. So, let’s get this started! First of all, please tell our loyal followers where you are from and what city you represent. I’m Xeme, from a small city in Asia called Hong Kong. So, how did you pick up the name Xeme? Is there a meaning behind it? I wanted a name that nobody had before, so I thought “X” was kinda rare, and the “EME” was randomly made up. Mad props on choosing a name with an X in it. You have somehow found a way to make your X’s look dope.  What are your thoughts on this letter? X is one of the wackest letters. At some point I hate it so bad cause you can’t really twist or turn it too much or it’ll looked weird. I’m really confused with it sometimes. But since I picked it,  I can’t complain about it. I think my “X” are still boring and needs to be developed over and over again… What inspires you to develop your style, what influenced it or how did it come about? It’s always about the people around me. Even a young kid that just started to paint, he can somewhat inspire me whether in style, technique or mentality. I’m fortunate enough to have met a good amount of nice people to school me about this and that, here and there. To be honest with you, I don’t even know what my style is, I’m still at the stage of finding what I really like. Out of curiosity, are you a rightie or leftie? (i.e. you paint with either your right or left hand?) The right side What crews are you down with or represent?  (give full names) Kong Boys to the fullest. What’s the graffiti scene like in your neck of woods? Lots of action? There are definitely a lot of places to paint out here. A lot of actions from visitors lately. The local scene is still tiny, we got less than 10 writers that piece or get up regularly. You have done some really interesting graffiti in Chinese characters, can you tell us about it? How do you find writing graffiti in another language other than English? Does it limit you or give you more options? It does limit me because of the letter structures BUT it gave me the opportunity to break the rules. It’s always a different experience when putting different Chinese words together. What do you think makes a good piece/production? (Show us your top 3 all time favourite piece/productions you’ve done.) Mines are definitely a bad example to show what a good piece is. So allow me to pick 3 pieces that I’ve seen recently that I think is dope. Dems for the dope blocky letters and colors scheme Zoer for the insane technique and SobeKcis for the fresh style. Rime for the sick letter and all the little details and bits around it. Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling your walls? I used to sketch when I first started but then I’m a really lazy person, so I decide to just do it on the wall nowadays. What motivates you to get out there, paint and be creative? I think when you’re into something, the motivation becomes automatic. Just like people grabbing a beer every Friday night becomes a natural thing. But indeed, my crewmates and friends around me give me the extra push for doing it. Have you travelled a lot? Which is your favorite place you have painted? Why? What about worst? I wouldn’t say I travel a lot. Just once in a while when there’s an opportunity to go out there. China is dope, you can nearly do whatever the hell you want out there. Taiwan is beautiful too. There are a lot other Asian cities that are mad fun to paint. The vibe, the neighborhood, the people out there. So many things that could make your painting journey much more fun. Had a bad painting experience in the Philippines recently, police are mad corrupted out there. Nothing to do with the country tho, it was just a bad day. Have you ever been to Australia? What have you heard of the graffiti scene here down under? Not yet, but definitely a Must-go place in my check list. I heard that it’s getting strict out there. But hey, Australia is still one of the most stylish countries when it comes to piecing. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Australia apart from sharks, snakes and spiders? Kangaroo fo sho. You are the founder of the graffiti event called “Wall Lords”. Can you tell us more about it. How is it all going?  It seems to get bigger and bigger every year. It’s basically a graffiti competition in Asia. It’s actually a hard hustle, but we’re glad to have some good people that helped us out along the way. Thanks to the WL organizers and supporters! Check out our site to have a quick idea: What do you hope to achieve through these series of events? We actually want to bridge up the people within Asia. Making aware of the writers out here, then they can start their build a bigger scene, organize their own event and I’m hoping to join it. Which current writers are you feeling right now? Vote Lush for the mayor and all the brothers at Ground Release. Invasian Magazine. This is a dope mag on what’s going down in Asia. What started this idea? I wanted to do a book in the first place because back then there wasn’t anything about graffiti in Asia at all. But after knowing that it’s a tough mission, I dropped the idea and went for the zine. How long has it been going for now? I think we had the basic ideas in 2007 and really kick started in 2008 How many countries is it distributed to? I have no idea about the current situation cause I stopped doing it after the 4th issue. I remember the INVASIANx MTN porcelain can. Where did the idea for this come from? I’m a big fan of the MTN LE cans and one day while I was looking at them I thought it’s kinda a waste to let a full can sitting on the shelves. I was thinking why we don’t actually create an ornament spray can that’s actually serves the display purpose. And then the porcelain came to mind and with the help of the team we made it happened. You are also part of the MTN family, representing and distributing throughout South East Asia. Can you tell us a bit about that? There are a steady grow with our dealers in Asia. Even tho we’re moving small numbers compare to Europe or Australia, we trying our best to let people in Asia to try out a quality product. Holla if you need some info for getting MTN in Asia. Can you tell us about any other projects you are currently working on. Any up coming projects/exhibitions/productions you can tell us about? Me and my partner Sinic are working on a event in China currently. And hopefully after this we can start doing some more works for an exhibition in June. Production wise we’re working on the Once Again magazine, and hopefully we can drop some products in the 3rd quarter. Alright, let’s do some less serious questions: If your weren’t doing graffiti, what would you be doing now? Doing the annoying Harlem Shake. Favourite Asian food? Just the regular chicken feets, guts, eyeballs, dogs and cats. Cats are preferably in medium rare. Favourite guai-lo food? Mustang with cheese. Favourite Asian band or group? Ebisu Masukattsu Favourite guai-lo singer? Ma nigga: Favourite kicks? Vans Era Silliest thing you did as a kid? Thought that I would grow up. If you could give a foreign writer some advice while they are in Asian countries…What would it be? These are a few questions that I get a lot. So here are some of the answers: - Yes, you can drink liquor in the streets. - Go online and look for cheap tickets. Air Asia, Hong Kong Airline, Tiger Airline, Cebu Pacific, Asiana Airlines are some of the cheapest airline where you can get crazy deals sometimes. Any last shouts? First off, mad thanks to MTN Australia for the interview. Second, shouts to all my boss boys, we rowdy. Lastly, if you reading this interview and still haven’t travel to Asia yet. You should go online and get a ticket. You’re guaranteed to have a very different experience. Most likely a fun and wild one. Peace ya’ll   Blog: Instagram: @xememex  

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