"Three Aces" is a special section of featured blogs on our European website MTN-WORLD. Some top names in this game show us their top three pieces they have done throughout their graff careers.
This section has been running for a while now and has shown some great works from various graffiti artists from all around the world..... And this time, we bring to you the French style master Seb FMK.
We also present you his Video, done with MTNs a couple of years ago now, check it out, if you haven't already! seb_curl_graffiti_mtnThis is one of my favorite pieces… It is a nickname i use, “CURL”, because I am a hairstylist. To me the letters are perfect and the wall is great for a illegal pieces like this. I love the orange 2G, to me it is one of the best cans.seb_graffiti_mtnThis one is another of my favorites. I really love bubbles and it reminds me of a 70’s NYC piece, was the first time i use the Green Mint for outlines, normally I don’t use too many colors, but this time I did it for fun and I think it works.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
I really like this one, and I was always a big fan of silver pieces. With silver you can’t lie, its all about the letters. I also used one of my most preferable cans: Red Montana 2G, a can perfect for illegal painting. A week later the spot was flat like a dessert.

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