Askew One: “The Evolving Face”

“The Evolving Face” is an exhibition by the internationally regarded New Zealand graffiti artist Askew One opening in Sydney this week. Askew has over 20 years of experience in the graffiti scene and is also versed in graphic design, illustration, photography, publishing, music and moving image. His latest exhibition in Sydney explores the concept of Evolution in a contemporary context. “The challenges we face as a species these days aren’t as literal as fending off a particular predator in the wilderness but the ingredients for adaptation are there: the advent of accessible travel and the choice to settle in places that aren’t our ancestral homes and have new environmental challenges, the expansive reach of communication through technologies that enable a world awareness that never existed before, a changing climate and the commodification of our food sources. Climate, diet and social factors determined the face of our ancestors but never in history have all those factors changed as exponentially as they have in the last century. We are inherently tribal by nature and once upon a time there was little or no self determination involved in an individuals tribal identity. Today this concept is also evolving based on the same factors mentioned earlier.” “The Evolving Face” opens on Wednesday 13 November and continues until 17th November at the Tate Gallery in Glebe, Sydney. For more details visit

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