RJ WIlliams aka The Massive

R-J aka The Massive, is as tongue-in-cheek in his art practise, as he is in life. Calling on a variety of influences that spreads from the work of Walt Disney to the bold anarchy of Anonymous – a global network of social ‘hacktivists’ – The Massive employs a blend of boyish humour and controversial courage both in concept and in practise. [gallery ids="4138,4139,4140,4141,4142,4143"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"] [gallery ids="4144,4145,4146,4147"] Straddling a coveted place on the border between graffiti and commercial artist, R-J’s portfolio consists of public murals, commissioned design work, prestigious local and international art events and collaborations with companies such as Blackberry, Activision, Monster energy drink, Saatchi & Saatchi and Google. R-J is Managing Director of World Famous Westsyde and his profile continues to grow as his ambition does. [gallery ids="4148,4149,4150,4151,4152,4153,4154"] Check out The Massive's website here.

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