KIDS @ Montana Shop & Gallery Barcelona

The simplicity with which children naturally behave in certain situations has always been something that truly fascinates us adults. Did you know that roughly out of 17 times we talk to our kids, 15 times we are saying something along the lines of NO. In some cases Nooooooooo! Bearing these facts in mind, a workshop was held at the Montana Gallery Barcelona, where children were the centre of attention... with some MTN paint in their hands. Look out! [catalog-product slug="mtn-nitro-2g-colors"] They were given the whole morning, to express themselves freely on the walls of the gallery, a space to be simply kids. We filmed it all and put together this little video which we now bring to you. Hearing things like, "I just paint to enjoy myself, I don’t care what I’m painting" is just a little sample of the great innocence that they showed us. So easy, so simple. So fun. The whole idea of this art workshop, is just a little way of showing kids that they are free to be who they want, free to express themselves and to not conform to a society that imposes stereotypes and judgments.

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