DABS MYLA - Back home to burn

We were more than happy when we heard, that world renown Aussie graffiti couple DABS & MYLA were heading back home to Melbourne for a short break recently. It meant Victorian graffiti was about to pop off, because as soon as these two artists get down, it demands everyone's attention. We were even happier to hear, that they wanted to drop some of that fresh stuff they are known for around Melbourne, exclusively with our MTN 94 spray paint. It's been some time that workaholics Dabs&Myla have been living in Los Angeles, we just hope that LA or America for that matter, does not take our dope Australian talent for granted, for they are really missed back home. Looking at the pictures and one can easily see why. Hooking up with the SDM crew the guys well rocked it. Peep the results! Banging styles and fresh colours with their typically fresh characterers. BOOM! Dabs Myla ya'll!! In full effect back home in Melbourne, Australia.   [gallery ids="4716,4731,4737,4714,4738,4739,4715,4740,4732,4734,4735,4733,4736,4730"] For more info please visit http://www.dabsmyla.com or contact them at: info@dabsmyla.com @dabsmyla BIG thanks and mad props to Dvate, Askem & Jonas Marnell.

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