TARONGA ZOO Conservation Society of Australia - Save the Rhinos!

In April last year Taronga Zoo put out a call to artists requesting submissions for rhino designs. Over 150 individual designs were submitted, in a big show of support from all types of artists. The painted rhinos will create a trail from Sydney to Dubbo and surrounds from 2nd February to 28th April, 2014.

At the end of the trail, on the 14th May at The Star Casino, Pyrmont the life-sized rhino sculptures will go under the hammer at a charity auction to raise critical funding for Taronga’s rhino conservation programs. We were absolutely delighted to see that MTN products were being used by a variety of artists for this fundraiser, for example legendary Ken Done, rocking a baby rhino with our MTN Hardcore 2 - Gold and the design team at TARONGA ZOO using our trusty MTN 94, for their own take on the rhino design. Ken Done MTN Hardcore 2 GOLD Taronga Design Team   Why all the fuss? Well, did you know that three out of the world’s five rhino species are in critical danger – and the Javan Rhino and Sumatran Rhino are dangerously close to being lost forever?  Actually, all five species of rhino are sadly under threat from habitat destruction and illegal poaching. Taronga Western Plains Zoo holds one of the most significant groups of rhinos in the world. They currently have 15 rhinos – including the Black, Greater One-Horned and White Rhinos – and their expertise in managing these species means they’re now playing a leading role in their conservation worldwide. One of our favourite rhino designs for this project, was completed by artist Joel Cameron who designed the R-BOT 3000 and the R-BOT 4000. Joel is originally from rural town Leeton, in south west NSW, but for the past 13 years, has called Sydney home. He is a self taught artist with projects ranging from skateboard design to sculpture and for the past 10 years has focused on design and art professionally. His unique practice of dimensional illustration combines drawing and sculpture, which explores balance with themes of nature contrasted by technology and futurism to forge a future primitive state. Check out the upcoming Griffith PCYC graffiti diversion project with Totem Skate School, due to be held over the upcoming June long weekend, which is sure to be a big one, with Joel leading the charge. Joel worked on his rhinos with the MTN 94 and they came up a beaut! We hope that the auction of his pieces sell well, as this is really for a great cause. At Montana Colors, we are always concerned with our environment and all the living creatures in it and are happy to see this type of project going ahead.[gallery ids="4892,4891,4890,4889,4888,4898"] For more examples of his work visit Joel Cameron FB: www.facebook.com/WestObjects Insta: @joelcameron   Please don't forget to also show your support for Australia's own Taronga Conservation Society's Wild Rhino campaign. Check out the trail and bid on some pimped out rhinos. This is for a great cause and shows that Australia leads the way in this type of conservation programmes. As an Aussie owned company, this makes MTN Australia quite proud.

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