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Vino is one of the most relentless writers in Europe, who over the years has made quite a name for himself amongst hardcore graffiti writers. This is due, purely to the amount of work he has put in for his love of this graff game. He's got literally thousands of panels under his belt, so what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. His letters have a unique swing and flavour, so we thought you might just want to see some of what he's been up to.

In an era when most Spanish writers were being influenced by French and German graffiti, Vino was truly breaking out of the mold, creating and expressing himself in his own unique signature style. Along with writing partner Blue, he definitely put his stamp on not only the Barcelona train system, but many European systems, having completed hundreds if not thousands of successful missions. The passion and drive this artist has for his work is simply amazing and has only ensured that his name will not be forgotten any time soon. We had the pleasure of recently catching up with him for a quick chat.
Hola Vino! Can you tell us where you are from? I'm originally from Barcelona, but I'm always on the move. When did you start painting? I started really painting at the start of the 90's.
What crews do you belong to or represent.
 TSK is my crew. Which brand of paint is your favourite?
 I always rock with the  MTN HARDCORE2. It's the best. [gallery ids="5183,5184,5185,5186,5187,5188"]
Where does your inspiration come from? I'm always drawing, basically every day. I always try to come up with something fresh, trying to make every piece different from the one before.
 What do you most like about the graff scene today?
 The high level of work that is being acheived.  What don't you like? That everyone wants to be a graff writer, anyone can do it.
Where has your work been exhibited? My canvasses on all trains in the world.
What are your plans for the near future? To not stop! To keep travelling, discovering new cities, new yards to hit. This is my way of life.  
You are a beast Vino! Thank you for taking the time for the peeps Down Under [gallery ids="5189,5190,5191,5192,5193,5194"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]  

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