SPACE - Bringing the Funk since 1995

Space, originally from Sydney, has a very recognisable and very funky style. He represents MCK Crew (Meat n' Cheese Kebabs) and ATM Crew.

Space brings fresh lettering and hilarious characters together to make some amazing work, which you can see a whole heap of below. He began writing around 1995 in the suburbs of Sydney before moving down to Melbourne for a few years around 2000, and is now residing in Brisbane. You can see his Sydney origins in his letters with that classic public style, but with a twist, which has come from years of writing and living in different parts of the east coast. Check out the flicks! Space1 Space11 Space10 Space9 Space8 Space7 Space6 Space5 Space4 Space3 Space2 Space12 Instagram: @madcrook [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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