Things have been crazy at MTN Australia recently, with a lot of new things coming your way, including new products, more artist features and interviews, but one has been demanding much of our time and effort. This development will allow us to provide the people of Sydney with the largest range of Montana Colors Products available in the country, from 94's and Hardcores, to markers, inks and more. It's with much excitement that we announce that we will be opening the MTN Store Sydney. This is a new venture for us, allowing us to sell directly to the public, so you'll always have access to the largest range of colours and products. We are opening very soon, so keep your eyes open for the opening date, which will be announced in the next couple of days. We can't wait to open up, meet you all and get our paint into the hands of the talented artists our city has raised. We'll see you soon, at the MTN Store Sydney. Print Print

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