2FLASH - Funk Soul Brother

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2FLASHis originally Auckland, New Zealand now resides in Melbourne, where he's spending his days putting up some of the most flavoursome graffiti the city has seen. His style is classic but also unique, as are his colour choices. From strong pinks to blues or even chrome, it's all good. 2FLASH represents RTR, BC and IK crews, and has been writing since 1998 under a few different names before settling on 2FLASH. His experience is obvious in the consistently high quality of his work, which we'll hopefully be seeing for many more years to come. Check out this huge stash of flicks from the man himself, including a freight done with RESUME, who we recently interviewed, so check that out too! [gallery ids="5621,5622,5623,5624,5625,5626,5627,5628,5629,5630,5631,5632,5633,5634,5635,5636,5637"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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