As most of you would know, Sketch A Day May (or SADM) is currently happening, pushing writers all around Australia and the world to develop their style and tackle new letters and combinations. It's a huge challenge, as we seem to get a little too comfortable with our normal words and letters, and become a little stale.

SADM changes all this, especially this year with awful words like 'Banana' and 'Anxiety' being on the list. I myself personally notice a huge development in my style after the month of May, and this is what we, at MTN Australia like to see. The positive development of style. We love SADM and as you may have seen, we decided to support it this year. We put up a prize pack for the writer who sets fire to their books better than anybody else, and for that, we got to have our name as one of the words. So, on the 21st of May, it was our turn, and people had to write 'MTN'. We were more than impressed with the high quality of work produced by local, and not-so-local writers. We thought we'd put this little post together to share with you some of these bangers from the day, so enjoy, and if you're participating in SADM, keep it up! We're almost done! [gallery ids="5777,5778,5779,5780,5781,5782,5783,5784,5785,5791,5792,5793,5794,5795,5796,5797,5798,5799,5800,5801"]

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