The Pandolfo brothers, or as you may know them, Os Gemeos, are renowned for their unique and phenomenal projects, and this one is absolutely no exception. They painted an entire train in 2011, but have raised the bar much higher. They have recently painted the body of a Boeing 737, which will transport the Brazilian national football team and it's personnel during the coming World Cup.


Os Gemeos are well known around the world for being two of the most talented and dedicated graffiti artists, who's work can often be seen on the sides of huge buildings throughout Brazil and the world. Their style is very unique and easily recognisable, and stands out in their signature shades of yellow.

In a collaboration between the Brazilian national football team and GOL Airlines, the twins got busy with 1200 cans of Montana Colors paint, and completed the entire project within a week. Most of the plane features their signature yellow characters, which is also coincidentally the colour of the Brazilian football team.

This project will without a doubt be a great feature in the coming World Cup, as it so strongly displays many of Brazil's qualities. The plane goes on it's first flight today, flying from Belo Horizonte to São Paulo, and after the World Cup, will return to normal service within the GOL Airlines fleet.

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