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Mishap is a Sydney legend, who's been painting for longer than half of you guys reading this have even been alive! You can tell by his work that he has plenty of experience with a can in hand, and has over twenty years of style in every piece.Mishap1Mishap started writing in 1993. He was inspired by seeing tracksides when catching the train from Glenfield to go skateboarding. He recalls seeing pieces done by RSET, INSERT and FLOW on the way to the city, then further up the line, works by UNITY, DEUS and many of the other greenline writers. Mishap and a mate of his, who writes SHADR were just starting high school together and started painting between Macquarie Fields and Campbelltown.

Mishap2As he grew older he started to paint panels with STAIN, SOWL and JASKE, who he still regularly paints with, as well as painting with DFAIR. He found himself inspired by trains done by OSF, TM, TCB and TSC crews. Until now Mishap has mostly just painted throughout South West Sydney, but lately has been painting more in the city and in the outer suburbs. Big shout outs to SHC crew and all his mates from the South West!Mishap3Mishap4 Mishap5 Mishap6 Mishap7 Mishap8 Mishap9 Mishap10   [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]
Tags: News

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