Ring-a-ding-ding, it's time for The Versus Project! This time we make our way to northern Portugal to see FYND take on Max Green. Now if you've never heard of The Versus Project, this is how it goes down. A writer has to make their mark using only one colour from the Hardcore 2 range, along with black and white. We've seen some very impressive efforts from an array of artists from around the world, including Australia's own Cekios. Fynd's raw style really comes out in this video, which is edited in a pretty old school way with a pretty old school tune to go along with it. The Versus Project always brings the goods, so keep your eyes peeled for the next edition which isn't too far away! And enjoy... versusfyno_montana_colors_5 versusfyno_montana_colors_4 versusfyno_montana_colors_3 versusfyno_montana_colors_2 versusfyno_montana_colors_6 versusfyno_montana_colors_

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