2loco8Undoubtedly one of the hardest hitting writers from the greater Sydney region, 2LOCO has been making his mark since the mid 90's. He packs a punch with massive stompers and a very distinct style which very frequently finds it way to trains and walls all over Sydney. From the greater west to the inner city, train lines and highways, 2LOCO's name is never far away. 2LOCO calls Western Sydney home, and represents some very hardcore crews including KOS, 76 and the New Zealand crew, Bad Habitz. He is an absolute fiend for the game, with his obsession with bombing and painting trains it's never a surprise to see his work anywhere around Sydney. On rooftops, main roads, derelict buildings and everything else. His hunger has taken him around the country and in recent years overseas to paint trains and subways. 2013 marked a highlight in his career as he painted over 100 trains in Australia, New Zealand and in various European cities. The amount of work he has produced speaks for itself, from throw-ups to wholecars, roller tags and stompers, his unorthodox methods make him stand out from other writers. His favourite place to paint is Italy, and why wouldn't it be, with cheap beers, good food, a laid back lifestyle and painting in yards amongst bums, wild dogs and gypsies. Another of his favourites is Wellington, NZ, because of his crew there, and the great culture in the city. He finds inspiration from an array of writers, including Roske, Caib, Ideal, Dream, Banos, Break, Puzle, Duel and Ksino. You can see elements of these writers style's in his work, but he certainly has his own thing going on. But enough words, time for a huge stash of flicks from the man himself. Enjoy! [gallery ids="5919,5920,5921,5922,5923,5924,5925,5927,5928,5929,5930,5931,5932,5933,5934,5935,5936,5938,5939,5940,5941,5942,5943,5944,5945,5946,5947,5948,5949,5950,5951"] [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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