Stake (AKA Astek) is without a doubt one of the most notorious writers in Sydney. Regularly pumping out panel after panel along with his crew, SFK. Not only do we have some words of wisdom from Stake for you, with a stash of nice flicks but also an incredible video, with some of the rawest footage you'll ever see. How long have you been in the game for now, and how did you get started?

I did my first train late 01 early 02 .. there was a lot of graff on my line so I was in a good place at a good time!

What area would you describe as your stomping ground?

Greenline Sydney, or T2 for these fancy new guys haha.

What made you pick your name? Is there a meaning or story to it?

I chose Astek because the poorest man can still be a king the ancient aztec world. I chose Stake because its same letters and fits better, so basically convenience for that word.

What crews are you in, and who do you usually write with?

SFK's and thats it! I paint with my crew, MIH and WTCS when in Queensland, and people like G-LAD who I don't see much but still have a panel with him every year for the last 12 haha.

How did you develop your style, what influenced it or how did it come about? Are there any writers who were particularly instrumental in getting you into the scene?

I was influenced particularly by a lot of MRS and KOC writers at the time. They were basically the only ones doing the more euro style stuff and I liked it. I could almost say any writer that was involved in the all stations mags had a impact on me and the Daily Operations movie. I watched that shit every morning for at least a year!

Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling?

It is important, but I don't do it haha. I always end up forgetting outlines when I step to trains so now I just rock up and hope something good happens. I woudn't suggest any kids follow this path at all though!

What's your motivation to get out and do your thing? Do you ever feel like it's a bit of a hassle or are you usually pretty keen for it?

If I do find it a hassle I just don't do it. I used to pressure myself to paint but its also a good way to burn out. Now I might not paint for a couple of months, then do a bunch of shit and then go quiet again. It's all about gettin' your priorities right if you want to last. I wish I got mine right ages ago! And as for motivation I don't need to worry about that. If you enjoy something that comes naturally.

Quality or quantity?

Of course quality, but you can let someone who pumps out a lot of stuff off easier on the quality if they produce quantity haha.

What are your thoughts on todays graffiti scene, particularly in Sydney?

I could answer this several ways and but ill just put it like this. If you don't involve yourself to heavily in the scene and just view it, it's pretty good. There is definitely talent, just a lot of big ego nobody's to match that though. All in all big things do happen here!

Which writers are tickling your tastebuds at the moment?

Is it wrong to say that 2 most influential writers to me are from my crew? Giels and Heads. Always pushin' shit.

When it comes to Montana Colors products, what's filling your green bag? Hardcore, 94 or something else?

10 minutes or more, Hardcore 2 fills and 94 outline. Anything less, straight hardcore.

Caps. Do you have any favourites or do you just use stock caps? Just Astro's. If your weren’t doing graffiti, what would you be doing now?

I'd almost certainly be doing a long sentence.

Packing your bags for the day, what's inside?

Only 2 things. Weed and money.

Any last shouts?

Shout outs to the crew, MIH , WTCS the MOAS crew in Denmark and anyone else that hangs or helps us!!! Peace!!! STAKE14 STAKE13 STAKE12 STAKE11 STAKE10 STAKE9 STAKE8 STAKE7 STAKE6 STAKE5 STAKE4 STAKE3 STAKE2 STAKE1 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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