Smoat is a new breed of graffiti writer. From the outskirts of Sydney, Smoat frequents walls, tracksides and more, not just in his local area, but throughout the the inner city and also interstate, even internationally. He brings a new style to the game with some very unique concepts, and also has a mean handstyle. It's never a rarity to see Smoat's handy work in the strangest of places either. He's a funny, young, up-and-comer with the skills to back his cheeky nature. Take a look at what he had to say along with some flicks from his many adventures.   So, how long have you been in the game for now? I think I did my first piece about 5 maybe 6 years ago but got over it and had a break between then. I still consider myself pretty new to the game, and still have heaps to learn. Don’t see myself leaving anytime soon though.   What made you pick the name Smoat? Is there a meaning or story to it? Initially it had no meaning to me, it was just the result of sketching the alphabet numerous times and picking the letters I liked the most. It took me a few weeks of drawing on my shower screen come up with. I went through about 20 words before hand but was never really happy with them. I thought it sounded stupid at the time but it's grown on me. I looked it up pretty recently but its got no official meaning, just a few funny urban dictionary meanings.   What crews are you in, and who do you usually write with? WCFS (Wasting City Funds, We Come From Space).   How did you develop your style? What influenced you and how did it come to be? Equal balance and harmony’s pretty important, equal proportioned shapes, even structure. Some yin yang shit. Sometimes its cool to break out of the usual though.   Your hand style is quite unique, how would you say this developed? Was there something that influenced it to be like it is? Tagging's just a massive force of habit, whether it be a dusty with my finger to a full kitted bombing mission I can't help myself from doing it on a day to day. Nothing clears my head more, even if its just 5 pieces of paper and a pen. I’m always trying to experiment different ways of putting a word together.   Is sketching important to you? Or do you prefer free-styling? No tree hugging here, I love fucking up paper, I try to sketch as much as possible, even if there just quick 30 second sketches it all helps in the end ~ when you be in the position where you don’t know what to do, it always helps to think back to an old outline you never got around to painting. I prefer to freestyle walls because it usually turns out better, it’s the same concept as sketching except you have motion from your whole arm instead of just your wrist, meaning there’s more movement and flow in a sketch up on a wall.   You often choose some interesting colours but they always end up working together in the end. Do you have a process for selecting your colour schemes? I always keep the colour wheel in mind when im choosing colours that have to work with each other. Colour theories pretty important, a shit scheme can make or break a piece. Could get nerdy but I wont.   What's your motivation to get out and do your thing? Do you ever feel like it's a bit of a hassle or are you usually pretty keen for it? I ask myself this all the time but I have no idea. I suppose the most reasonable answer would be it clears my head and keeps me with a fresh mind.   Quality or quantity? Personally I believe the perfect writer is an even balance of both, I like seeing progression and new styles, and when tags and throwies are to the dot exact every time it gets a bit repetitive. Lots of respect to those who go all city though.   Which writers are currently tickling your tastebuds? Theres so many its hard to name, differen’t people influence me for differen’t things. To name a few I’ve been hyped on lately though ~ Jurne, Rache, Samsn, Fecks, Treas, Berst, Peque, just to name a few.   When it comes to Montana Colors products, what's filling your green bag? Hardcore or 94? They both work well in different circumstances, if you know what I mean. But nothing beats a 94 for their colours and smooth valve for doing details. And the smell is pretty boss.   Caps. What do you use to get the paint from the can to the wall? Any favourites? New york fat cap ticks all the boxes for walls.   Outside of graffiti, how do you keep busy? Any projects or interests? I collect a lot of spoons, I spend most of my free time lurking the net for cool expensive spoons. I love spoons. I’ll be sure to keep yall posted when I exhibit my spoon collection.   If your weren’t doing graffiti, what would you be doing now? Another question that I can’t really answer, it consumes most of my spare time doing or thinking about it. I’d imagine I'd still be into art to an extent. Hopefully I’d be a paid professional bed tester, maybe I'm in the wrong game..   Favourite food? Pizza till death.   Favourite band or group? I can listen to anything really but Hip Hop will always be the real love. Anything from Eminem, Dirty Dike, Brothers of the Stone, Four owls, and many more. Don’t mind a bit of Onra or Nujabes to kick back to.   Travel locations, where to and what for? The list is too long, anywhere and everywhere. I enjoy exploring places I haven’t been before, I’d just like to have the money to take me there.   If you could give a new writer some advice… What would it be? Try to stay content. Don’t worry about other people trying to drag you down, keep doing your thing and it’ll annoy them more than retaliation. “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” – Sun Tzu.   Wise words! Any last shouts? The whole crew! Much respect to them all! Smoat12 Smoat11 Smoat10 Smoat9 Smoat8 Smoat7 Smoat6 Smoat5 Smoat4 Smoat3 Smoat2 Smoat1 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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