Da Mental Vaporz - "The Wall"

Here's a little something special out of Europe, from the minds and hands of Da Mental Vaporz collective. It's no secret that when these guys take on a project they put absolutely everything into it, so when they put together their latest show "The Wall" it had to be something special. And this was far from an exception.

Check out this sensational video covering the works of Da Mental Vaporz collective, the enormous mural and footage from their show which ran last month at the BC Gallery in Berlin. Europe certainly has some talented folks! Be sure to crank the volume when you watch this video also, with Emshi's sweet track "I Stopped Loving You Your Birthday" behind it. Be sure to check out his Soundcloud channel also. [gallery ids="6168,6167,6166,6165,6164,6163,6162,6161,6160,6159,6158,6157,6156,6155,6154,6153,6152,6151,6150,6149"]   [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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