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Akume. Born in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches, before moving to the UK where he grew up. He's now back in the Great Southern Land, and took the time to answer a few of our questions. What a top bloke. He considers himself to be pretty chilled, always keen to meet new folks and to paint with new heads. Akume is building kitchens by day, and painting, sketching and canvasing by night. He's a mad football fan (not footy), and loves Southhampton FC. But you're here to see his work and hear from the man himself. So enjoy, Akume - The Interview.

AK 17Thanks for taking the time to do this, what's been happening? All good man, always down for a chit chat. Not much at all apart from the usual schedule. Work, beer, blunt, sketching, painting, repeating.. To get things started, fill us in. What crew(s) do you rock with, how long have you been in the game for, and how did you come to get the name AKUME? RR..(RunRiot) only a handful of us but we just keep it tight. Did my first piece around 2005ish? But didn't fully start getting a liking for it until maybe 2006. Was on and off for a number of years. Until till only a few years ago on a trip back to Europe saw me on the German train lines a lot and seeing the constant stream of tracksides... AKUME popped up after a few tags came and went. My TAFE teacher was talking about acumulating costs of things. Vwallllla... AKUME! AK 16Which writers are tickling your tastebuds right now? From here in Sydney and around the world?
Have to say props to PERSO, PUDL, TASTE, JURNE, SOTEN, BRUS, SHEM, KEMR.. all crazy stylists. In regards to your work, we've noticed you have some pretty crazy colour ways which seem to pay off. How do you come up with these? Do you have a source for this colourful madness or are you just particularly gifted at it?
Thanks for the compliment.. A great colour way is definitely a must. Still have a lot to learn but I like to mostly choose colours that are going to bounce off each other. My father being a Painter by trade always helps with the colour clashing.. AK 14Tell us what your perfect day would be - would it be out painting? A chill wall? Tracksides? Kicking back with some music listening to ..B.V.A, VerbT.. Might swell just say FOUR OWLS.. Food at the ready, chilled beers, doobie, crew and a great scheme in mind. Top it off with a Trackside to end on a high. You're out on the town and its time to get some grub, what's usually going into your pie hole? CURRRRY! Anything spicy as F**K AK 13Story time! A lot of writers seem to have these insane stories of chases or really strange things that go down while painting. Have you experienced the same? What happened? Haha! When I was younger it was my birthday and I was walking to Dominos with the boys. I decided to bomb the main road and heard a car pull up.. BOOM!! Two plain clothed officers, in the moment I had no idea so I pushed off the officer and hit the legs.. didn't get far as was heavily intoxicated.. Was spear tackled to the floor outside the dominos window whilst the boys smashed down their pizzas staring at me, knee in the head to the floor. still have the photo.. What was it that got you interested in graff? Coming across the 156 allstarz website in I.T in school and seeing ZEKONE, BATES, O'CLOCK.. From then it was drawing names for people in block letters with a two colour fade and some classic out of proportion bubbles for the backdrop.. to then busting my first piece on the lines in SOUTHAMPTON UK which was a crewy.. NBK.. (Netley Boy Krew) middle of day trains beeping away.. haha no idea. AK 12When it comes to caps, what's your favourite? And how do you keep them from clogging? Or do you just let them clog and grab a fresh one? Have to be the Banana Skinny's for me.. outlining obviously and the classic NY fats.. Usually buying in bulk to tend to just throw out.. some are kept. Great when needing a splattered effect on a canvas or something.. What would you be doing with yourself if you weren't doing graffiti? No idea, I started making beats/ dj'ing at one point but couldn't find the time for it.. maybe I might have gone down that track?? AK 11Thanks for your time mate, any last words or shout outs? All good thanks for the opportunity. Shout outs to RR and the TNS boys still kicking it.. the boys INKS NERVE ADIKT FAZER MORBID CRAB BARS and to some of MIH.. TESK and WHENSO. PEACE!! AK 10 AK 9 AK 8 AK 7 AK 6 AK 5 AK 4 AK 3 AK 2 AK 1 AK 15 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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