Artist Update - PUDLER

Pudler is one of Sydney's best known graffiti writers, and with the name comes one of the most easily recognised styles out there. He's been burning walls all around Sydney for years, and every time brings out swinging letters and amazing colour combinations. Without a doubt one of the freshest out.

As much as he is well known for his amazing work on walls, he also knows how to slay a blackbook, and also how to push the pixels. He's produced insane t-shirt designs and prints. Nothing seems to phase this guy. As you can tell, we here at MTN are huge fans of his work and thought it would only be right to keep you up to date on what this mad man has been up to. Never falling behind the 8 ball, here's the best and latest from the Pudler and what he's been up to so far in 2014. To keep up with Pudler and all he's up to, make sure you keep an eye on his blog, at Pud1 Pud2 Pud3 Pud4 Pud6 Pud7 Pud9 Pud11 Pud12 Pud13 Pud14 Pud15 Pud16 Pud17 Pud18 Pud19 Pud20 Pud22 Pud23 Pud24 Pud25 Pud26 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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