RIME & TOPER - NYC Box Truck

Rime and Toper grew up together on Staten Island during their days as beginners in graffiti. Thanks to an initiative put together by Nike along with Mass Appeal, Rime and Toper have headed back to where they came from to paint some trucks in a yard - but with permission this time. The experience made Rime reflect and reminisce on times passed.

The Staten Island Ferry is well known as a free ride that showcases Lady Liberty and the New York City skyline. Truly one one of the greatest qualities of the Big Apple. Some take the ferry as tourists, but for some, it's just a ride home. Staten Island has it's fair share of negative stigma, but the locals have deep roots and know their history, particularly in regards to music and graffiti. The borough isn't famous in the mainstream, but it is a home to giants. R&T1Graffiti giants like Rime and Toper made Staten Island their stomping grounds during their young days, and went back to be the second writers to grace a box truck canvas, thanks to Nike. They put down a mass of heavy hitting, striking letters and characters, with the popping colours they're so well known for. The duo incorporated Rime's signature elongated and flared letters in bold red, along with an underlay of Toper's cheeky characters. Toper also rocked a tribute to NYC sneaker culture on the back of the truck. They way they approached the truck says a lot about these veterans bi-coastal history. Rime spent time in Los Angeles and plays a huge part in the infamous West-Coast founded and now globally-known MSK crew. You can still see the grittiness to their work, put in place by their graffiti upbringing, but there's also a playful cheeky nature to all they do. The location of this shoot couldn't have been better either - a sprawling junkyard on the water with all the trimmings of live fire and twisted metal. It could be seen as either a bleak setting or an awesome playground. R&T2 Obviously, Rime and Toper grabbed hold of the 'playground' setting, which is probably one of the key elements which sets these guys apart from the rest in what they do. It allows them to see the beauty in the bricks and leads them to bigger and more elusive canvases. Their extensive history with Staten Island combined with their well developed and funky styles makes for some serious flavour. Something we've all come to expect and love about these guys. Check out the video and flicks of their efforts. Resulting in a box truck showing their gritty history combined with skill, funk, credibility and humour. R&T3 R&T4 R&T5 R&T6 R&T7 R&T8 R&T9 R&T10 R&T11 R&T12 R&T13 R&T14Video by Will Robson-Scott Photos by Brian Kelley Edited by Luca Campanale 2nd Camera Brandon Kuzma Canvases provided by Nike NYC [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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