You may have heard of a little event that's currently going down all over Brazil, encapsulating millions all over the world, particularly those in the soccer or 'football' community - depending on where you're from. This little gathering spreads a fever around the globe. Symptoms include tiredness, due to lack of sleep if your time zone does not correlate with Brazil's, and unexplainable passion for something you only care about once every four years. Cities all over the world are going mental, following their team hoping for ultimate victory and four years of international bragging rights. It turns out that Queens, New York is definitely one of these cities, falling quite ill with the fever. Queens is a melting pot of soccer-loving ethnic groups like Colombians, Jamaicans, Mexicans, Germans and Greeks, among others. Bars are packed with screaming fans, and jerseys are seen all around town, sparking conversations between complete strangers. Smart Crew found it impossible to ignore this electricity sweeping the city, and decided to use it as inspiration for their box truck canvas, provided by Nike NYC.

Smart Crew formed in circa 1997, by original members MEY, SYCO13 and LUK. This diverse group has been gaining nothing but strength and attention since. The crew approaches graffiti in a very unified and calculated manner, which is a reflection of their logo (an 'S' wearing a graduate cap) and also a soccer team. Smart Crew get down like a soccer team gets down! The crew bears the name "Smart" for a reason. The box truck features the two main elements that they feel has contributed to Queens being what it is today - graffiti and soccer. One side of the truck features the crew's name in a vintage postcard-inspired style, each letter containing it's own detail. Smart crew member stickers fill the "S", the Kilroy-esque ode to graffiti in the "M", to the Flushing Meadows Park observation towers in the "R". while the rest of the truck features a black and white soccer ball pattern, laced with throwies and tags of the entire crew and their affiliates, bringing even more of a team vibe to the truck. To top it off, the truck is trimmed in green grass, and the crew's classic cloudburst throwie graces the back. This makes for an action packed, brightly coloured box truck, making its way around New York grabbing the attention of commuters, graffiti enthusiasts soccer fans and all sorts of sticky-beaks. You might also notice the colours used - the same as those on the Brazilian flag - a tribute to the host nation. Sm1 Sm2Sm3Sm6Sm11Sm12 Sm7Sm4Sm5 Sm8Sm9Sm10Video by Will Robson-Scott Photos by Brian Kelley Edited by Luca Campanale 2nd Camera Brandon Kuzma Canvases provided by Nike NYC [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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