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As you will have seen from our recent update on The Pudler, we like to know what folks are up to and what's good, so it was only natural that when we saw the latest from Meggs, we just had to share it with you. Meggs grew a lot as an artist during his time in Melbourne under the roof of the Everfresh Studio, and now makes his way around the globe, producing some of the most phenomenal murals we've seen. He has a unique style and some serious talent, check out some of his projects!


First off, is the Meggs x Bask - Iron Pueo mural and prints. The duo completed this wall in Hawaii, which carries a unique theme, centred on the Pueo, a Hawaiian owl, and symbol of pride to the locals, and combined with Iron Man, as Bask had recently worked on the Iron Man film series. This made for an incredible wall which was made into a run of 100 prints. These prints are available now on 1xRun but only for a very limited time! There is currently just over one day left until they are no more, so get in before you miss out! This is what Meggs had to say about the print - "I’m really proud of this mural. The masters at Serio Press have done such a killer job on this screen print and I can safely say this print looks as awesome in the flesh as it does in photos. The seven layers of colour really make this piece pop with the same intensity as our mural in Hawai‘i." Iron Pueo Iron Pueo4 Iron Pueo3 Iron Pueo6 Iron Pueo5


Next up, we have the Richmond Mural Project, Virginia. Meggs was invited to the event hosted by ArtWhino Gallery DC and RVA Magazine. In what was his first trip that far South East in the US, Meggs experienced true 'southern hospitality' and painted along with a unique bunch of artists from Europe, Mexico and the USA. He took on two massive walls solo in just one week, in temperatures in the high 30's. Left with no feeling in his trigger finger and sunburnt shoulders, he was stoked with the end result. Richmond1 Richmond2 Richmond3 Richmond4 Richmond5 Richmond6 Richmond7 Richmond8 Richmond9


Finally, Meggs was invited to speak at the Analogue Digital Creative Conference in Brisbane. Not daunted by the task of public speaking, he took the challenge with both hands, understanding the importance of these events to young artists who eagerly seek the knowledge of experienced pro's like himself. It must be said that Meggs is undoubtedly one of this countries finest exports, always up to something worth noting. Be sure to keep up with his work and travels on his blog, and on instagram at @houseofmeggs [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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