Asend - the wall slayer from the windy city of Chicago recently caught up with the folks at 12 Oz Prophet. They threw 12 Questions at him with hope of finding out a little bit more about his graffiti 'career' and what the scene is up to in Chicago. Find out what he has to say about his city, strange happenings in a cemetery, crackhead love, and the relationship between graffiti and street art. Have a read and check out some of his flicks below, he's got styles for miles!

As8"Just recently the mayor proposed to double the fines for graffiti in Chicago, but we see these re-election campaign tactics all the time." As7"I liked seeing writers get up for years without knowing who they were or what they looked like - you’d have to know somebody who knew somebody who would one day introduce you, and if you were lucky they’d show you their shoeboxes full of flicks." As6"There’s a lot of incredible stuff being done with spray paint nowadays from realism to abstract, but there’s nothing like a well-crafted tag, throw, or full-blown wildstyle on a street or train. That’s graffiti." As5"Streak tags and handstyles caught my attention the most." As4As1As2As3 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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