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The MTN Water Based 300 has arrived, and loads of artists from around the globe have been taking advantage of the Water Based and it's unique qualities, producing some truly unique work. We've seen videos from RIME, C215, and TANC, and now, we take you to the French city of Puteaux to watch a live painting from Kenor, at the exhibition, 'Les Enfants de Kupka', which took place in April.

The exhibition was a collective of artists who all produced work influenced by the painted Frantisek Kupka. This video takes us beyond just working in the studio and straight to the exhibition. The video allows us to witness Kenor's live painting ability, and the Water Based 300's ability to keep up with his demanding work. Vivid colours, fast, sharp strokes, all no problem for the Water Based. You'll also notice that he's painting indoor, and neither himself or anyone in the audience is wearing a mask, as the Water Based is almost completely odourless. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself! The Water Based 300 is now available in store at the MTN Shop Sydney, and online.

You can check out more from Kenor on his website, or on his Instagram at @kenor1

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Tags: News

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