Dip Your Car Sydney

Dip Your Car is a revolutionary company taking a new approach to giving your slab a new lick of paint - without the commitment. There have been solutions come and go as far as giving a temporary new colour to your car, mostly sticker or vinyl wraps, but this is something unlike any other solution out there, and by far the most effective. This product is 'spray on - peel off'. We were blown away when we saw the finished products that come out of the Dip Your Car Sydney warehouse. Amazingly vibrant colours, even matte finishes that stay on like normal paint, but when you're in the mood for a new colour, peel it off leaving your original paint untouched. Simple as that! These guys also have an eye for good graff, and when they got into their new warehouse, couldn't help but get the walls sorted by the best in Sydney.

The walls saw themselves getting a weekend-long makeover from the likes of Unique, Atome, Jasy and Pudler. The fellas stocked themselves up on Hardcores and got to work, leaving behind a sweet production which is partially visible from the road - and may have already caused an accident. We also heard Montana Colors paint also goes down like a dream on the Dip Your Car paint, which leaves us wondering what kind of supercars we're going to see graced in swinging letters - time will tell. Until then, take a look at what some of Sydney's all time legends left behind. DYC1 DYC2 DYC3 DYC4 DYC5 DYC6 DYC7 DYC8 DYC9 DYC10 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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