Shepard Fairey continues his tour of the United States, dropping enormous murals around the country, this time stopping in Philadelphia, on Frankford Avenue, to paint this gem, titled 'Lotus Diamond'. The South Carolina artist is well known for his large scale and very visually distinct murals, often bringing with them a strong political or social message. This one instead is simply a beautiful mural, but still didn't go without an element of controversy.

Shortly before the completion of the mural, a Philly based artist known as Curly installed a small piece nearby with the message 'It's the end of graffiti as we know it...' - a message which Fairey brushed off, not phased by the intent of the artist. His 25 years in the scene have given him a wisdom and calmness few others possess. His long term experience is so obvious when we see works of this scale cropping up so quickly. He has his work process cut out exceedingly well, and knows what he's doing, no doubt about that. If you've missed them, be sure to check out the photos from his other murals in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He's on another level, this guy. Shepard also took the time to answer a few questions from, so give it a look! Lotus Diamond 1 Lotus Diamond 2 Lotus Diamond 3 Lotus Diamond 4 Lotus Diamond 5 Lotus Diamond 6 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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