Last night (20th August) saw The Tate gallery play host to local Sydney artist, William Nghiem's first solo show - Conflict. This young guy has popped up seemingly out of nowhere, and made an incredible impact with his first ever show. On display were an incredible 17 works, including a series of 9 'bandits', canvases, and illustrations.

WN1His work ethic is just as impressive as the finished product, we discovered as he told us that he produced most of these works within the last month. And not just are his finished works impressive, his sketchbooks are almost like a gallery in themselves. He's become known to fill entire books, every inch of every page with curious, kooky characters, sketches and notes. He was kind enough to let us have a browse through one at his show, and we were nothing short of blown away. WN2William usually works with ink, gouache and other traditional fine art tools, but in preparation for this show, got his hands on something new - the MTN Water Based 300. He came into the shop, curiously picking up a few cans, and was back very quickly, wide-eyed, telling us about how he'd stayed up all night, in his room painting with them - without ventilation or a mask, blown away by how completely odourless they are. He stocked up on his favourite colours, and got back to work. He later told us that "The Water Based 300 was pivotal in the making of half the works!". That's us convinced. Be sure to try out the Water Based 300 for yourself, available in store at the MTN Shop Sydney, at Unit 10, 19 Daniel Street Wetherill Park, or online. If you would like to contact William about purchasing any of his works from the show, you can find him on Facebook. He's also on Instagram at @williamnghiem WN3 WN4 WN5 WN6 WN7 WN8 WN9 WN10 WN11 [catalog-product slug="mtn-water-based-300"]

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