HEESCO - Liminal

Mongolian born street artist Heesco (Khosnaran Khurelbaatar) will unveil a new creative direction this week as he showcases a range of new works at an exhibition at The Tate on Wednesday 6th October. Titled 'LIMINAL', meaning occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold, this new collection speaks to a hyperfocus at the central point of Heesco’s varied cultural influences from graffiti, comics, fantasy and sci-fi illustration to gestural and hard-edge abstraction, surrealism, and figurative painting. Heesco grew up in Mongolia in the 1980s under communism, landlocked between Russia and China where he was brainwashed on a heavy dose of leftist propaganda and strict rules. When the 1990s social and political changes swept through, his world was turned upside down. “I went from this very dark, mechanised system that limited outside cultural influences, and when the ‘wall’ came down, so to speak, I was struck by the colour and dynamism of Western influences like comic books and cartoons. And that’s the juxtaposition you start to see through my work,” Heesco said. With ‘LIMINAL’, there is an epic clash of opposing ideals and dynamics that result in works that burst with energy, vibrancy and artistic skill. “The paintings are visceral and hypnotic with elements and ideas from my upbringing clashed with contemporary urban culture,” Heesco said. The result is a unique new category that only Heesco can own, given his background in graffiti and his training in fine arts from the Sydney College of the Arts. “I like to explore themes of cultural diversity and heritage, and bring together societal, historical and at times political elements with deep personal experiences and emotions,” Heesco said. “I’ve put a lot of work into making these pieces and I hope people will get a kick out of seeing something a bit different.” Heesco is an internationally recognised graffiti and street artist with a decade of commissions, published work, projects and dedicated practise. He works out of Blender Studios in Melbourne, VIC. The ‘LIMINAL’ exhibition opens at 6pm on Wednesday 8 October at The Tate gallery at Toxteth, 345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW. The exhibition will run until Sunday 12 October. For enquiries, please contact: heesco@heesco.com Hsco1 Hsco2 Hsco3 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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