Welcome to I Hate Mondays Too. Another week, another onslaught of the freshest content we've plucked from the internet over the last week in graffiti. Take on another brutal monday with 20 fresh snaps, from Phibs, Bones and Guzo to Genius' ever-so-appropriate 'I really hate... Mondaze' piece. What a gem right there. But hey, it's Monday, you don't want to read words, you want to see flicks. Enjoy, and fear not, Friday is coming.

IHM3-0 IHM3-1 IHM3-2 IHM3-3 IHM3-4 IHM3-5 IHM3-6 IHM3-7 IHM3-8 IHM3-9 IHM3-10 IHM3-11 IHM3-12 IHM3-13 IHM3-14 IHM3-15 IHM3-16 IHM3-17 IHM3-18 IHM3-19 IHM3-20 IHM3 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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