Southern-Californian artist MADSTEEZ (Mark Paul Deren) was invited to take a trip to Barcelona by Montana Colors to take a private tour of the International Headquarters, to witness the magic behind the creation of a spray can from start to finish. He then painted a wall for Open Walls Conference which was inspired by the gap in social classes depicted by three WEENer Dogs, titled Mi WEENperro es tu WEENperro.

It's not often you get a glimpse into the process involved in creating the finest spray cans available, but certainly an interesting glimpse. One thing we're sure of, Montana Colors always strives to bring the highest quality paint to writers and artists around the world. A company birthed and raised by graffiti, the original. Check MADSTEEZ out on Instagram @madsteez and Facebook. MDTZ1 MDTZ2 MDTZ3 MDTZ4 MDTZ5 MDTZ6 MDTZ7 MDTZ8 MDTZ9 MDTZ10 [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]

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