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The New Hardcore Cap System was released recently, bringing to the game 2 new caps to complete the 3 part system, which gives a more than complete range of diverse, reliable caps, perfect for any occasion. We tested all three caps on the Hardcore 2, to give you an idea of what they're capable of.

Caps Line UpThe first cap in the range, the Hardcore Cap (or Hardcore Skinny) is the stock Hardcore cap you've come to know and love since the release of the V-Touch Hardcore 2. Looking slick in all black, this cap offers crisp, skinny lines, perfect for outlines and other details, and when pressed down completely, gives a medium width line. People are always amazed by the crispness and thin width of the lines created by the Hardcore, a high pressure can capable of whatever you require thanks to the V-Touch Valve. Skinny Cap TestThe second cab off the ranks is the new Hardcore Medium Cap. This black, orange dot cap is comparable to a pink dot fat cap. The medium cap produces lines of narrow width to quite fat lines. It is very versatile, and produces crisp, round lines, perfect for big, flared out tags, quick fills and even outlining (depending on how big you're going). Once again this caps versatility is enhanced by the smooth V-Touch Valve, allowing a great range of line width and incredible control. Medium Cap TestLast but definitely not least, is the Big Daddy of the family, the Hardcore Fat Cap. Unmissable in bright orange with a black dot, this cap has to be tested to be understood. As the name suggest, this cap is the perfect tool for super fat lines, fast fills and huge tags, but, upon more testing, is also capable of giving incredibly skinny lines, considering it's being used on a high pressure can. We can't go on about this cap enough, it's just super fun to use. Take a look at the image below, showing the versatility of the lines produced with a can of Akari Red Hardcore 2. Fat Cap TestNow of course, these products are designed to bring the best out of the MTN Hardcore 2 and the V-Touch valve, but they work incredibly well on the full MTN range. We've tested these caps on the 94, only to be as pleased with the results as we were with the Hardcore. We've tested them on the Mega Colors, again, only to find they worked perfectly, and even threw one on the notoriously high-pressure MTN/Krink K-750, which makes for a truly wild graffiti tool. We'll let you test that out for yourselves though. If you want to try out the new Hardcore Cap System for yourself, ask your local graffiti supply store, or shop with MTN Australia at or in store at the MTN Shop Sydney, Unit 10, 19 Daniel Street Wetherill Park. [catalog-product slug="mtn-hardcore-2"]
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