Wahaca (UK Mexican street food Specialists) have a long running association with street art, teaming up with curator Tristan Manco for their arts programme. Wahaca enlist Manco's help in selecting the right artist for each restaurant they open, resulting in artists from around the world collaborating on the particular space for which they are chosen. Acclaimed artists Roids and SatOne were chosen for this particular building.

Roids and SatOne were selected for their ability to create works sympathetic to the building on which they are painted. Selected as a pair due to their success i working together in the past, the duo heavily considered the space and what would work well, and what would please the locals who love the building so much. Manco said about the building that it "is much loved by the locals and was a former Railway hostelry and the site of the old Brady’s pub. Above the building run the overground lines and the surrounding area are the famous Brixton markets". Photo credit goes to Hooked who ventured down to the space to grab some snaps of the production. WRS1 WRS2 WRS3 WRS4 WRS5 WRS6 WRS7 WRS8 WRS9 WRS10 WRS11 [catalog-product slug="mtn-94"]

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