Gism is one of Sydney's finest writers. If you know the Sydney train scene, no doubt you've heard of the guy and seen his many panels rolling between Western Sydney and the city. His style is indicative of where he's come from, but certainly has it's own thing going on. Bold, stomping panels and whole cars are his specialty. Learn a thing or two from someone with years of experience, and check out what Gism has to say, along with a huge stash of photos, including the rather old to the rather new material. It's all good.

G'day Gism! Thanks for taking the time to chat. Fill us in on the essentials to get things started. How did you come to write Gism and what crew(s) do you represent? Roughly, Gism = G.ism = Gambleism = Gamble
Its was a slow evolution. With my original tag being 5/6 letters, and restrictions on time when painting certain things, compound by the fact I'm a spinner and like fucking around with different letters and words, it just kind of happened. Its forever changing and who knows where its going to end up. My crews - AMF  OWA GRONX Where would you consider to be your stomping grounds? Western Sydney. GSM2Tell us how you came to be a part of your crew? Copious Schooners and Illicit Substances, isn't that how everyone starts or gets dropped in crews.... Within your crew would you say that you collaborate on a uniform style? Or all hold your own unique styles and sit under the same banner? Uniforms are for Police and Flight Attendants. Any attempt of handcuffing styles to me defeats the freedom and reason I do it in the first place. What's got you stoked with the current graff scene in Sydney? How smashed shit is, the last 3/4 years has been insane. And it perpetuates with more people being exposed therefore more people getting involved. The amount, The diversity and The skill that's out there at moment is the best I've seen it at since I have been writing. Same question, but reversed... what's grinding your gears here in Sydney? Not a hell of a lot really. Maybe the fact that pedophiles get off lighter then someone putting a bit of colour into their mundane robot lives, all part of the game I suppose though. GSM1How would you describe your style? Death fucking an inbreed cyborg with a kaleidoscope. Do you push hard to constantly develop new letters, connections and styles? Or rest easy with what you have? Not so much push hard as it happening naturally. As with the fucking around with letters and words, fucking around with colours and styles is always a constant, even if its at the price of some ugly looking shit. In saying that though, the heat of moment results in things getting revisited more then I would like. Out of all your crew, who's the most likely to throw a spanner in the works when you're out on a mission?
Honestly, Me. GSM3We do a little thing called 'Top 3', where we pitch something at you and you hit back with your Top 3 of whatever that may be. Time to spill the beans... Caps: 1. Astro 2. NY Fat 3. anything chisel Sydney Writers: Tough one, that's not as straight forward.... Massive cop out, but true none the less. The writers that inspire me the most are some of the ones closest to me. Constantly amazing me with there inventiveness and skill are: 1. Gipse 2. Eats 3. Ghost Constantly in awe of their hardcore dedication: 1. Soups 2. Stops 3. Mays Those lists could be more than 10 pages long though. Foreign Writers: Hmm always changing, but maybe at the moment 1. Swet 2. Steel 3. Roids TV Shows: 1. Oz 2. Curb your enthusiasm 3. Anything with Sean Berry Guilty Pleasures: 1. VB 2. MDMA 3. LSD GSM4Do you find it hard to balance graffiti with the rest of your life? Does it sometimes go too far either way? You have 24 hours a day to spend however you please, if you fuck up the balance you have only got yourself to blame. So to answer your question, fucking oath all the time. How often do you paint? And how long after painting do you feel the need to get back out there and get busy? Never been on that need a hit, need to get over tip, but something or rather needs to be on steady rotation. What's the number one thing in graffiti that you can't do, but wish you could? Groupies. Let's wrap this up... final words or shout outs? Hope y'all enjoy the flicks. Peace Thanks for your time, much appreciated! Keep doing your thing!
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